About me:

Hi, My name is Carlos Gomes. I'm a zurich based software engineer focusing on robotics and control systems. I've studied at the ETH Zurich Mechannical Engineering (BSc.) and Robotics (MSc.). More information can be found thought Linkedin

I currently work at Rapyuta building next-generation robotics software.


I could do some great projects at ETH, the biggest one was the stair climbing wheelchair Scalevo. This project founded by me, Beni Winter and Ian Stähli was executed one year as a focus project. After two years I decided to try new projects. The Scalevo (now called Scewo) is going to enter mass production in 2019.


OpenMapper is an app I'm programming together with Nicolas in the spare time. It's a mapping app, uses Mono-SLAM algorithms to track the position of the camera. This is used to measure distances and in the future to build a dense map of the environment. More information of Github.

Other than that I contribute to some open source projects, see Github contributions for more information. Other smaller projects are here


I'm publishing some linux software as Ubuntu SNAPS. Check it out, and tell me what do you think about it.

You can find me on a variaty of world-wild sites where my username is usually gocarlos or kmartinho8

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